The true beauty of Bitcoin is that one can’t describe it in a complete and all-encompassing definition. Depending on their backgrounds and life experiences, some people will see in it a mean for economic empowerment and financial transparency, or a refuge from their oppressive governments. However, the makers of the unlikely hit cartoon show “Bitcoin and Friends” have portrayed the beloved cryptocurrency as a conscious and self-aware oddity that socializes and seeks agency.

Complete this image with a Jungian father complex and a permanent search for identity and purpose, and you get the recipe for an intriguing series that reminds us all about the humble beginnings of Bitcoin and its unlikely rise to success.

“Bitcoin and Friends” isn’t, by any means, the definitive show that everyone should watch in order to better understand this global financial phenomenon. However, it summarizes some technical aspects in a friendly way which combines (rather grotesque) humor with romanticized historical facts about Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation.

For instance, Bitcoin comes into the world in a time of financial crisis, when honest individuals find themselves in a difficult situation where they can no longer pay their bills. Nobody can really see any potential and value in this odd creation, and it’s not until a part-time drug dealer named Jones discovers the insecure coin-shaped creature that the adventure really begins.

A teaser for our pilot episode!

— Bitcoin and Friends (@btcandfriends) December 28, 2018

From this early stage of easing black market trades to the moment when computer nerds like Mitalik (a comical and slightly exaggerated portrayal of Vitalik Buterin) and Harold (probably a tribute to Harold “Hal” Thomas Finney, who actually worked as a video game developer) discover the brilliant qualities of Bitcoin, there is only a small leap to make. And it’s only after Bitcoin finds some friends that this long and winding journey of existential crisis truly begins.

The beauty and charm of the show aren’t really to be found in the story – which is better told by the dozens of documentaries which present most known facts about Satoshi Nakamoto and his revolutionary cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin and Friends” is all about the entertainment value and ability to encapsulate as many events and phenomena in a 20-minute comedy show.

This kind of presentation is extremely valuable because it resembles the format of hit cartoons with adult humor like South Park or Futurama. It’s the perfect pill for no-coiners to swallow and become intrigued about Bitcoin, but also holds some entertainment value for old-timers who simply want to have a laugh.

Just take notice that “Bitcoin and Friends” is not, by-any means, children-friendly. It makes use of a very adult sense of humor, tells stories about times that kids won’t remember anyway, contains some swear words, and even features images of penises that urinate on the innocent invention of Satoshi.

But by the time you get to the end of the pilot episode, you will realize that all of this is worth it: an old and wise representation of Hal Finney (renamed as Pal Fifty) will drop the ultimate piece of wisdom about Bitcoin’s potential – in the end, nobody will have to exchange any amount of BTC for fiat anymore.

Pal Fifty – An OG of cryptography. Pal is a mysterious computer programmer who knows Bitcoin more than he perhaps knows himself.

— Bitcoin and Friends (@btcandfriends) March 21, 2019

It’s very likely that we will be having a follow-up pretty soon, but the release depends entirely on community support via donations: at press time, 4.95 more BTC are required in order to unlock the public availability of the continuation. As a matter of fact, an entire first season consisting of eight episodes is planned on the project’s homepage.

Therefore, if you want to show your friends an edgy South Park-esque animation about Bitcoin and its tumultuous history, you may either donate or wait for other community members to reach the quota. But regardless of your choice, you should consider screening this episode to your no-coiner friends the next time you hang out at your place. Worst case scenario, they will laugh at the toilet humor and forget all about it. But there is also a chance for you to irreversibly change their lives.

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