It’s no coincidence that the Hollywood film which critics often praise and rank as “the greatest of all time” features a lifelike depiction of journalism and the media. Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” is a masterful reflection on the power of journalism and how words printed on a piece of paper and distributed to the masses can shape opinions, set public agendas, and ultimately conceal valued truths.

It doesn’t really matter if we speak of the striking contrast between Charles Foster Kane’s “Declaration of Principles” and his false journalistic accounts on an ongoing war in Spain, or we tackle the contemporary issue of ideological division and fake news. Even in sports we see some of the same divides, with biases and opinionated views on phenomena which should be crystal-clear and easy to understand.

Blockchain journalism isn’t any different: it borrows the stylistic and assertive approach of every other type of writing, and projects these techniques on contemporary events from a dynamic and constantly-evolving world. A reporter on cryptocurrencies can cover market movements, new launches, proposed technological advancements, consensus and governance, as well as influential social media debates that can bring important changes. There is a lot of information circulating via multiple sources of the space, and it’s essential to have reliable reporting. Maybe that trusted third parties aren’t cool in blockchain projects, but we have yet to invent efficient news reporting that’s done by code.

In the meantime, irresponsibility and dishonesty in relation to the readers is definitely a prevalent manipulative feature which can potentially make or break entire scenarios, situations, or projects. The crypto space already has a bunch of publications which closely resemble Charles Foster Kane’s “The Inquirer” and follow their own agendas with little consideration for integrity and the hypothetical impact on other people’s investments and interests. No names will be named at this time, but it’s safe to say that we currently don’t have much objective journalism which doesn’t “pump bags”, “shill shady ICOs” or “FUD the market”.

There is always room for improvement in crypto journalism, and we are here to raise the bar.

At this point in cryptocurrency evolution, we can see how some projects consolidate their positions as frontrunners, while others who arrive at the party slightly later have to really raise the quality standard in order to be able to compete. It’s the same in every market, and we’re happy to enter the media landscape at this time with the intention of bringing even more qualitative journalism into the space. As cryptos reach mainstream adoption and become more valuable, the content written on related topics should follow the trend.

The days of bullish and irrationally hopeful reports on new coins seem to be long gone, as the market settles and develops more oligopolistic features. In the meantime, the crypto press must literally and figuratively take notes and spend more time detailing on existing projects that have proven their worth. Furthermore, we must keep in mind at all times that journalists are also the world’s first historians, and have a moral duty to investigate and write detailed accounts on the prominent figures who shape a given field of interest.

When the market gets less speculative and more focused on projects that matter and have potential, journalistic coverage should also improve in terms of quality and take matters beneath the surface. That’s why Crypto Insider has been created and we’re more than willing to give all the other crypto media giants a run for their money.

We believe that the limits on content are imposed only by the amount of events and the sum of perspectives from which they can get tackled. And that’s virtually infinite, given the complexity of cryptocurrency projects. One can analyze the economic viewpoint, the political implications, the technicalities of governance, the quality of code, or even the public communication – and for each one of them there are at least two sides of the debate, while the linguistic factor leaves enough space for anyone to write valid and necessary analyses.

From the beginning, we pledge allegiance to integrity and objectivity.

For every shiller, bag pumper, FUDster and false advertiser out there, there has to be a voice of reason to present factual arguments which eliminate the irrational factor and focus the debate on the elements that really matter. Crypto Insider is willing to use all of its resources to bring sustainable quality journalism into the space and help the millions of cryptocurrency investors find a reliable source for news and opinions.

We’re not saying, by any means, that our coverage will be the only source you’ll ever need to read. Every rational actor must take into account all sides of the story before making a good decision – and sometimes it’s humanly impossible to cover everything. However, we promise to deliver the best content that we can produce and make sure that all ethical and financial considerations get taken into account before publishing every piece. Our intentions aren’t to manipulate the market, but to bring honest and well-argued journalism in a space that really needs it.

While blockchains decentralize data exchanges, Crypto Insider is here to centralize quality and integrity on our news website. Be a part of our quest by reading the insightful, thought-provoking and unbiased content that we post on a daily basis!

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