Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Sees a Tidal Wave of Merchant Acceptance

Just recently reported on Bitpay launching bitcoin cash (BCH) integration for the firm’s loadable Visa debit cards. Since then the company has implemented BCH invoice support for all of...

Snowden Leak Suggests NSA Is Extensively Tracking Bitcoin Users

The U.S. National Security Agency is reportedly aiming to track down users behind the bitcoin blockchain. Source link قالب وردپرس

How Much Should A Blockchain Cost? The Compelling Case for Higher Fees

While many think crypto transaction fees should be pushed lower, these researchers believe users could be paying more. Source link قالب وردپرس

Clinical Examination in Respiratory Disorders

Cough with or without expectoration, chest pain, dyspnea and hemoptysis are the most frequent respiratory symptoms. Cough with expectoration is a prominent symptom in inflammatory lesions such as bronchitis and pneumonia...

American Bar to IRS: Create Safe Harbor for Hard-Forked Cryptos

The American Bar Association Section of Taxation issued some advice to the IRS regarding the taxation of cryptocurrency produced by hard forks. Source link قالب وردپرس

New Tools Help Crypto Traders Make Smarter Decisions

If knowledge is power, today’s traders are stronger than they’ve ever been. The range and function of analytical tools is improving by the day, presenting investors with a smorgasbord of...

Clinical Peculiarities of the Chest of a Developing Child

Although the thoracic cavity houses two vital organs, the heart and lungs, the anatomic structures of the chest wall are important sources of the information concerning cardiac and pulmonary function, skeletal...

The Nasty Truth About Bedbug Bites

The other day I heard someone suggest that the recent outbreak of bedbugs on the East Coast was largely a myth. Well, I have been bitten by bedbugs and I can...

Hardware Wallet Demand in South Korea Grows Exponentially

According to local reports in South Korea, demand for hardware wallets is increasing exponentially. The demand has stemmed from attempted hacks last year against domestic trading platforms like Upbit and...

Report: Russians Helped Venezuela Launch the Petro

Time Magazine reported Tuesday that the Russian government helped Venezuela develop the petro cryptocurrency with the support of Vladimir Putin. Source link قالب وردپرس